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Antonin Borgeaud

​©︎Antonin Borgeaud

Antonin Borgeaud

​アントナン ボルジョー​


This is the ethnographic work of Martín Chambi who gave him the desire to get into photography and envy that accompanies it in this profession for over twenty years. This is also in Peru, in the footsteps of this artist, he directed his first documentary, "Celebration of Light Inca" first success crowned by the acquisition of its images in the permanent collection of Elysée in Lausanne.

After fashion shoots for Marie Claire group in Casamance and Saint Louis, Senegal, Antonin Borgeaud refines its African expertise for ten years of missions SOMDIAA, Young Africa and Africa Magazine, devoted to the development of the industry Africa:

To show by portraits, natural and industrial landscapes, diversity in agriculture and agro-industrial techniques, mining and oil extraction. Of the size of machines to different gestures of men testify to the awareness of both social and cultural environment.

This African expertise, Antonin Borgeaud makes sharing through master classes at the Cultural Center of Douala in Cameroon and Port Gentil in Gabon, workshops for the empowerment of indigenous photographers work recognized by the per- sonal exhibitions in the Bamako Biennale (1996) as Photographiques International Meetings of Arles.

At the same time, Antonin Borgeaud put his talents to many newspapers and magazines service as, among others: Liberation, Geo, Air France magazine Télérama, L'Express, Le Nouvel Observateur, Marianne, Le JDD, Great Stories, VSD.

He also photographed advertising campaigns for L'Oréal (Lancôme) and Hyundai.

Recently he has made long-term missions to the Quai Branly museum and a politician in the country, bringing his experience of documentary work and management of a team; its ability to adapt to new worlds and new characters for him, as usual, to approach closer by his photos - pictures in many public and private collections.

Since 2011, alongside major issues made in the press and institutions like COMILOG, Rwanda, Gabon and Burkina Faso, he is the author for state orders, two "beautiful books" Tomorrow and Cameroon Congo.

He comes to interfere in the house Roger Vivier, subject of a book to be published by the end of February 2013 and Rizolli ORANGE gave him the portraits of its governance.

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