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Ryota Matsubara

​©︎Ryota Matsubara

Ryota Matsubara

松原 亮太









第54・55回 富士フィルムフォトコンテスト、

第12回 美しい風景写真100人展 などで受賞歴を持つ。


Matsubara Ryota was born in Chiba in 1987 and live there.His life

with a camera started when he took photos of fish he caught with

a instant camera in his childhood.

Since then he has mostly taken photos in nature including while

climbing mountains and rivers. In 2015, he had a strange experience

during his photo shoot in the mountain of Yakushima and heard

an old tale from islanders after he went down the mountain,

which made him interested in the way of interaction between

the island, the nature, and the people.

Now he continues to take photos of Yakushima as his theme. 

He has won awards at 54th and 55th Fujifilm Photo Contest and

12th 100 People's Most Beautiful Landscape and Nature Photographies.

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