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Artist in residence photographer 2022


​©︎Tetsuo Kashiwada


Past Artist in residence photographer



©︎Laurent Seroussi

A talented and influential photographer, LS has pulled off a feat by never restraining himself to the only practice of photography. His world is made of ideas and that's through the use of the means he masters that he intends on expressing them. Going alternatively from graphic design to typography to film even to large scale scenic shows directing, Laurent subjects himself to only one constraint; the use of the most relevant medium to release his creativity. Award winner many times, in the field of graphic design, photography or for the music videos he directed. He studied at Art Deco in Paris from 1991 to 1995 and is part of the 100 most influential students from the school, chosen by Gilles deBure in his book « que sont mes amis devenus ? He then won over the grants allowing him to study in the London College of Printing and to the Cooper Union School of Art in New York, where he lived for two years.

2_JACOB TETRAPODS assis small.jpg
​©︎Laurent Seroussi/JACOB TETRAPODS
​©︎Laurent Seroussi/Lay of light
EXPOSITION ray Of light LArge.jpg

​©︎Laurent Seroussi

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